Peter Bodenham, visual artist

Ceramic Milk Cooler

‘Gathered World’ Exhibition

Peter Bodenham interest in the museumification of objects lies at the heart of his engagement with ‘Gathered World’. It is significant that his chosen artefact, a humble, terracotta milk cooler, is taken from a museum display. Removed from the domestic space, this once functional item now seems impotent. However, for Peter it transforms into a charged and potent presence, a marker for an ergonomic past and a beacon for future sustainable living. Driven by his concerns for the environment, the milk cooler, for Peter, operates as a symbol of simplicity and honesty. A cyclical connection between past and future technologies is formed; the unassuming, historical milk cooler silently contextualises potential design solutions for contemporary environmental problems.

For ‘Gathered World’, Peter has constructed a functional artwork that operates as a hybrid of old and new, employing recycled found objects that form a relationship with Peter’s hand thrown contemporary version of the cooling vessel. Life cycles are suggested. Old objects are re-vitalised and assigned new purpose, while the newly made clearly acknowledges its debt to the past through analogous form and style.

Cath Roche

Ceramic Milk Cooler 01

Ceramic Milk Cooler 02

Ceramic Milk Cooler 03

Ceramic Milk Cooler 04

Ceramic Milk Cooler 05