Peter Bodenham, visual artist

14 Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre


Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre has invited fourteen artists living in or from Wales to exhibit a piece of artwork that reflects their thoughts on the centenary of the outbreak of World War One. Each artist will create work which makes us reflect on events that changed the world forever.

Becky Adams, Iwan Bala, Sarah Ball, Peter Bodenham, Anne Gibbs, David Greenslade,Ruth Harries, Rozanne Hawksley, Buddug Humphreys, Alice Kettle, John Selway, Peter Spriggs, Laura Thomas, Stephen West.

0n until 20/9/2014

Ceramics Review


Coffee bowl in this months Ceramics Review

Aur / Gold exhibition Craft in the Bay, Cardiff




Now completing work for the Aur / Gold exhibition at Craft in the Bay Cardiff. There is such a fantastic line up of Makers including Walter Keeler. Visiting Walter’s studio when I was 16 was a formative experience, so I am delighted to show alongside  such a master



When: – 18.01.2014 – 16.03.2014

Craft in the Bay will be putting the spotlight on the Gold Award Winners in the Visual Art Exhibition which is held annually at The National Eisteddfod of Wales. The most recent ten winners will be showing a new body of work at Craft in the Bay and will include: Peter Bodenham/Lowri Davies/Natalia Dias/Anne Gibbs/Carol Gwizdak/Suzie Horan/Walter Keeler/Pamela Rawnsley/Mari Thomas and Theresa Nguyen.

At the same time. the Wales Millennium Centre (WMC) in Cardiff will be showing the work of Gold Award Winners in the Fine Art Exhibition. Both exhibitions are supported by the Art Council of Wales. A catalogue of all the work will be available.

Bydd Crefft yn y Bae yn rhoi’r golau ar Enillwyr Gwobr Aur yn yr Arddangosfa Celf Weledol sy’n cael ei chynnal bob blwyddyn yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru. Bydd y deg enillwr diweddaraf yn dangos corff newydd o’u gwaith yng Nghrefft yn y Bae a bydd yn cynnwys:

Peter Bodenham/Lowri Davies/Natalia Dias/Anne Gibbs/Carol Gwizdak/Suzie Horan/Walter Keeler/Pamela Rawnsley/Mari Thomas and Theresa Nguyen.

Ar yr un pryd bydd y Ganolfan Mileniwm Cymru (GMC) yng Nghaerdydd yn dangos gwaith Enillwyr Gwobr Aur Celf Gain. Mae Cyngor Celf Cymru yn cefnogi’r ddwy arddangosfa.

Bydd catalog o’r holl waith ar gael.


Christmas show

Taking part in an exhibition in Oriel Myrddin Gallery Carmarthen themed as –  Hearth & Home / Ar y Aelwyd 9 November/Tachwedd – 31 December/Rhagfyr 2013 –










New Pots for the table

This summer I’ve been working on domestic pots and working towards a couple of exhibitions



plates for home


Small plates 19 x 16 cm made from black clay and white slip on top. Here I want to make reference to local icons, boats, houses and marks found in or on the land.

The market place

the market place

I’m currently working on two tangental projects (i) making pots (ii) considering the way the market works, designing, making and selling work. In the West its increasing difficult for designer makers to sell their work at a reasonable price Could it be that combined with the internet ‘the maker’ has to increasingly explore direct selling methods!

Combining Digital 3D Printing With Throwing





I have been working with Matt Long at Coleg Sir Gar on 3D digital printing using Z-Brush programme. The attachment on the top of lidded jar was created on a Mac then printed out in Stainless Steel by Shapeways.I have a feeling that this technology will have a big part in shaping the future of design craft culture.  I am most interested in these digital methods when they are combined with traditional processes.










Teaching in Kansas State Uni



I visited kansas State Uni Ceramics department in April 2012. Dylan Beck the professor of the ceramics gave me a great welcome and introduction to the U.S education system and the U.S ceramics world. I was very impressed by the facilities, the quality of work and the welcome I received. I would highly recommend post graduate study at k-State.



Sense of place and surface


The surface marks on the pots are inspired in part by images and objects collected on walks along the estuary and sea shore around Cardigan, West Wales.