Peter Bodenham



These ceramic vessels were made in response to flotsam and jetsam found along a 25 metre coastal shoreline at Poppit Sands. This is an on-going site-specific cross-disciplinary project that will be exhibited at Oriel Myrddin Carmarthen in August – September 2020. The project began by collecting and studying small amounts of clay, rocks, seaweed and plastic from the beach, both cleaning the beach and keeping some plastic objects as souvenirs. This site-specific research project flowed between making ceramic vessels and studying the history, geology and ecology of the beach. The ceramic vessels represent both the beauty and pernicious nature of the found plastic objects. The vessels also aim to evoke the beauty, history, geology and ecology of a small section of Pembrokeshire coast, framed by a specific time and space.


These mugs are made from materials retrieved from a 25metres strip of coast near Poppit Sands. Different clays are used as the body of the mug and the glaze, seaweed was used as a flux as well as iron oxide from a stream running into the sea. Handles are made from plastic objects collected from the site following a mould making process. No materials were bought only collected from the site.
This map and clay paint were made by the artist assistant Lily Tonkin-Wells. The clay was formed though a process of a glacial melt, each clay band fell from the cliff and possesses different material and colour qualities.